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Were YOU Gifted a Lemurian Seed Crystal from one of our SoulTribe Members? Would You like to Be added to the Lemurian Seed Crystal Grid Network and watch our Grid Grow, as We Raise the Vibration of Gaia? We Hope So...Just sign up below and we will message you with more information on how to participate!


LoveLights U Crystal Chakra Balancing Kit


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These One of A Kind Crystal Chakra Balancing Kits include:

A BEAUTIFUL Hand Mined Lemurian Seed Crystal that has been Cleansed and Blessed By Full Moon Luna LoveLight and Gaia!

A Set of 8 LoveLights Universal Chakra Meditation Cards ~ designed specifically to cleanse, balance and activate the individual Chakras including the Pink High Heart Chakra to aid in connecting with Divine Source Love!

A Colorful Silk Woven Pouch to protect and keep your Crystal and Meditation cards handy and ready for use.

A Full Color Chakra Meditiation Guide to assist in achieving a smooth open flow through all Chakras for High Vibrational Alignment with Source.

Help Our Cause

 Your support and contributions will enable LoveLights Universal to assist in the progressive growth of the LoveLights Universal Lemurian Seed Crystalline Grid and Raising the Vibration of Our Planet. Your generous donation will fund our mission by allowing us to share Lemurian Seed Crystals and Ascension Healing with other Star Brothers and Star Sisters of our LoveLight SoulTribe across Gaia. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card