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Want to know more about Chakras, Energy Healing, Angel Codes, Essential Oils, Frequencies and Much More? LoveLights University offers room for growth on every level along the Ascension Path. 

Join Us Each Month as we explore a variety of topics and subjects that keep us Growing and Evolving through this Transition from 3D to 5D Consciousness. 

Classes will be posted in the Monthly Newsletter provided through email. 



Group Meditations

Group Meditation Serves to Raise the Collective Conscious by joining and unifying with Positive Intention.

In every wisdom tradition, meditation hasn’t been just a way to seek  inner knowledge. It has the potential to transform the world. Research on the power of group meditation has been ongoing for several decades, and the results seem to validate what the ancient sages said, that there is greater peace in the vicinity of the enlightened. Individually we may not see ourselves as enlightened, but the group effect multiplies each single member. But any group effect will only be effective if the people who join it feel that they’ve gained something more than they can achieve at home alone. Fortunately, meditators in groups often report that they feel less alone and more connected to others. Their practice feels deeper, tapping into a more profound silence than they experience on their own. 

By BEcoming a Member of LoveLights Universal, You will BE invited to participate in Weekly Group Meditations and Special Meditations to BE announced via Email & Monthly News Letter. 


LoveLights U Central

Here is the place to Connect, Make Friends, Share Your Stories, Photos and Experiences as You Grow with Our Community!

In addition to LoveLights Universal Group on Facebook, LLU had created a special Group for Members Only...LoveLights U Central! In this Private Group We will BE sharing it all ~ Plus special events, offers and merchandise only available to LLUC members. You won't want to miss out on this Group!

Upon Membership Enrollment, You will BE sent a VIP Request to join LoveLights U Central. Come BE part of the Ever Evolving Fun and Get to know other LoveLights WorldWide.