Watch Our LLU Crystal Grid Grow

LoveLights Universal Lemurian Crystal Grid


With Every Lemurian Seed Crystal that is shared, Our LoveLights Universal Crystalline Grid and our SoulTribe of LoveLights grows. With growth and expansion, We collectively Raise the Vibration of Gaia and Unconditional LOVE Across the MutliVerse! Our Goal is to Share As Many Lemurian Seed Crystals with others wanting to participate in assisting in the Ascension process as Possible! 

If you have been Gifted a Lemurian Seed Crystal from A SoulTribe Member, Please go to the Membership page to Sign Up and Be part of the Loveights Universal Crystal Grid We are Co~Creating!!!

We Love Gifting Lemurian Crystals


Our First Mailing of Hand Mined Lemurian Crystals, Specially Gifted to over  70 US LoveLights and 20 International SoulTribe Members! 

Hand Mined Lemurian Seed Crystals


Just a sample of the Beautiful Lemurian Seeds Hand Mined From the Sweet Surrender Mine, Mount Ida, Arkansas.