My Mission and Method:


As an Ascension Alignment Specialist, it is My Divine Soul Purpose to assist All Sentient Beings who are ready and willing to transition into a Higher Vibrational State of Consciousness.


My name is ShA Love and I work with the Love and Light of DIVINE SOURCE (GOD). I specialize in Remote and One on One Energy Therapies. Part of my soul mission is to work with The Energies of DIVINE LOVE to help you access and tap into these Energies. To do this, I provide LOVING Sessions that will guide you to open your High Heart Chakra to help you to fulfill your Divine Soul Purpose! I AM DIVINE LOVE INCARNATE: A WayShower and Guide. I offer my services to help you create the life you’ve long desired to achieve by assisting you to re-member who you are on a Soul Level. YOU ARE DIVINE LOVE AND LIGHT. My Loving Energy can and will allow you to bring forth and recognize the duality and separation of ego and to realign with the Oneness of All Knowing Consciousness.

By combining Chios Energy Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Chakra & Aura Reading and Clearing Techniques, Ho’Oponopono Healing, Astrology, and Various Divination Methods including: Tarot, Runes, Smudging & Candle Burning, Dowsing and more; and with the assistance of guided communication with Ascended Beings in Many Forms, a Unique, one of a Kind Healing Modality is Co-Created in each private session and class.

With My Personal Method of Reading, Clearing and Opening Energy channels I become a conduit with the Universal Life Force to create an exchange of My Pure Loving Energy combined with your Energies (or of the group) to create a fluid, open flowing channel of DIVINE LOVE AND LIGHT to run freely through you freeing blockages and dis-ease that keep us held in low vibrational alignment and not allowing for Divine Manifestation and Co-Creation with ease. 

The Objective is to clear these blockages by Balancing and Aligning the Chakras and Cleansing and Clearing or Repairing the Aura to Create an Open Flowing Channel within You. When in High Vibrational Alignment You are ONE with Source Energy. You become an Open Channel for LOVE and LIGHT. In this state of Divine Love, You are Re-Membering to Oneness with All Knowing Consciousness and You are in Alignment to carry out your Divine Soul Mission with Love as your compass.